Unite your yoga with activism & service

Here is an opportunity to volunteer and visit the community that we are contributing to.

This is where heart connections are made and you will see and feel, first-hand, the positive impact we are making in the world.

Our intention for this Insight Tour is to create a totally transparent and accessible way for purpose-driven souls to volunteer their time and skills without a hefty price tag.

This is for anyone willing to be creative, in service to the school and village community… (for example, are you an educator, artist, doctor, health practitioner?)

If you are not sure how you can be of service, this is also for you.

There is plenty of ways to help that do not require prior experience.


This is for those who believes in education for all.

This is for people who don’t mind getting their hands dirty

and laughing a lot.


We believe that having a personal practice that fills your cup is essential, especially when we are being of service. This is why we will gather each morning for yoga and meditation practice as the sunrises over Pushkar Lake. This helps to sustain our personal energy resources as well as giving space for clarity, realisations and intentions to surface.

We will then walk to the girls school to volunteer our time and skills in whatever way is best for the girls and teachers that day. There will also be the opportunity to visit the girls homes, and meet their families.


There will also be time to integrate your experiences and to explore the holy town of Pushkar which is a favourite for travellers from all over the world.

Each evening, we will reconnect for a group mentoring session with Amanda Noga and Marc Laws covering topics such as Sacred Activism, Karma Yoga, turning Anger into Action, Living with Purpose. Introductions to the school founders and debriefing our days will also happen in these gatherings.

As sunset falls, we’ll enjoy a local style vegetarian dinner together. Breakfast and lunch are not included in this package, so you can eat when and what you desire, and we can offer recommendations and options to suit your flow. .

Your next steps . . .

  1. Select your preferred accommodation, submit the registration and tell us a bit about You

2. Spread the word with your friends, family and social network and invite them to join us!