Join the Karma Collab crew of empowered and inspired souls who are sparking major change and positive contribution in the world.   

KC Ambassadors make up our global community; we are dedicated to the education of girls to break free of the poverty cycle. We are also in service to the empowerment of women everywhere, including you.

Our ambassador program is 12-month expedition to uncovering your unique purpose and the power that comes through giving and receiving.

Over the 12 months, you are invited to raise awareness and funds in your own community through whatever means you are passionate about.

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 2019 estimates show that over 6 million girls currently do not receive education, in India alone. Within the village we work with in Rajasthan there are approximately 600 girls that are not receiving education and we want to help them.

Their time is now.   

 Our time is now.

Women on a global scale are reclaiming their power and breaking free from the outdated social structure that have kept us small and silent. Women are rising, for the benefit of all, in business, in the arts and leadership, from the micro level to the macro. From the Home, to the House of Representatives.

The time is now.


Through the 12-month Ambassador program you are supported to step into a leadership role in your community, as well as supporting women and girls in need.

This is also a conscious redistribution of wealth, where you consider yourself rich or poor, if you are able to read this webpage, you have something to offer. As women who have been given the gift of education, we have the ability to give access to the next generation of future leaders.

You might have noticed that we retail pendants that are purposefully designed and ethically made by artisans in Rajasthan. All proceeds from these sales go directly back to the school and village community.   We invite you to represent KC with a pendant of your choice. Once your Ambassador registration has been accepted, we will send you a pendant to represent you involvement in uplifting women and girls (and it’s a great conversation starter!)  

You might also like to retail the pendants yourself; showcase the pendants at events or gift them to friends and family.  In which case you can make a wholesale order that will be shipped with your gift.

There are a couple of ways that are super effective in activating your community AND raising money.  We suggest running gatherings on a seasonal basis, every 3-4 months through the year to raise funds and vibes. 250 euros is the cost of sending 1 girl to school for 1 whole year, and each Ambassador is encouraged to raise this contribution, or more if you and your peeps have the capacity to!

We want your efforts to be a huge success and you will be supported in running these gatherings by our experienced team with event coordination and social media marketing, Plus, your events will be featured across our social media platforms and you will have access to some great resources to ensure your events run smooth as Indian silk.


Ambassadors that raise 600 euros in the first 6 months the program, can use these funds to join us, in the flesh, for the Insight Tour this October.  This Insight Tour is where heart connections are made and you receive the gift of witnessing the impact you have made in the lives of these super loveable girls.  You’re also welcome to book this trip yourself, here.


This program is about activating your power and passions just as much it is about contribution. Over the 12 months you will receive group mentoring with the founder of KC, Amanda Noga. This is a pilgrimage to the soul, to uncover your unique passions and gain clarity on the– best way to empower your work and creativity with Purpose.  

You’ll be supported through a step-by-step process to recognise the personal patterns and energetic blocks that are holding you back and be given a evolutionary framework, drawing on Amanda’s understanding of Vedic philosophy to fully actualise your deepest desires and soul’s calling.

 Registrations for the 2019 Ambassador program

are now closed, apply now to be a p art of the 2020 crew